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Retaining Job-Related Knowledge from Departing Staff

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Department of Safeguards

The Need

To meet the challenge of “corporate memory loss” arising from staff departures due to retirement and job rotation, the IAEA Department of Safeguards implemented a Job-Related Knowledge Retention Program.  Well in advance of a known departure date, the program tasks a staff member’s supervisor with capturing the departee’s essential knowledge.  The question was:  what is the best way to explain to supervisors what they are expected to do?


To assist the supervisor in performing that duty, a concise, just-in-time, online tutorial was created.  To reduce time demands, the tutorial consists of several 1-2 minute “personal video briefings” by departmental knowledge management experts, each complemented by a short reference text.  For supervisors who want more detail, a written procedure and associated forms are made available in the Reference Documents section.