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5 Good Reasons to Use On-Screen Mentors in eLearning

A self-paced eLearning feature that is experiencing a resurgence these days is the on-screen host or mentor. Why, you ask? Here are 5 good reasons – and some suggestions to make it work.

The Pros and Cons of Avatars as On-Screen Hosts

As an alternative to using a flesh-and-blood on-screen host in eLearning programs, photo-realistic avatars may be a good choice in certain circumstances. What are the pros and cons?

QR Codes in workplace learning?

QR Codes - those pixilated boxes popping up on packaging, posters, TV screens and almost everywhere else these days - have some interesting applications in workplace learning.

eLearning: Part of a continuing evolution

It may seem unconnected with anything that has gone before, but eLearning is just a recent chapter in an ongoing saga.

Formulas for eLearning Success

In the rush to adopt distance learning technologies, the importance of good instructional design is all too often overlooked. These three word equations help to keep things in perspective.

What does eLearning development cost?

What does it cost and how long will it take to produce? These are questions asked by every buyer of eLearning development services. If the buyer’s requirements have been well thought out before asking, a time and cost response is likely to be quick and accurate. Otherwise, the answer is: it depends.

Is learner opinion alone adequate to evaluate a program?

Learning program managers often rely exclusively on learner surveys to gather data about the program’s success. Is this a good strategy?

Is Web 3.0 just around the corner?

Hurrah for Web 2.0! However, it is worth remembering that that an even more advanced version of the Web first envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee is just around the corner.

Integrating Learning and Doing


Traditionally, workplace learning and doing have taken place at different times and at different locations. Isn't it time for an approach that supports learning while work is being performed?