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One of the best ways to understand how different approaches to learning and performance support might work for you is to see them in action.  This section features profiles of learning initiatives that have helped to build connected learning environments.


♦       E-Learning

♦       Face-to-face Training

♦       Video-based Training

♦       Performance Support



Many organizations have discovered that web-based distance learning (e-Learning) programs add a powerful new dimension to their training efforts – enabling learners located almost anywhere in the world to acquire knowledge and skills at a pace and time of their choosing.  Click on the title under an image to learn more about an Androcom distance learning solution.



     Inspector Training                        School Outreach                      Volunteer Orientation              Professional Development


Face-to-face Training

As new technology-assisted learning approaches have been introduced, face-to-face training has undergone a transformation of its own.  Today, presentations, seminars and workshops focus on what they do best:  bringing peers together;  building teams; introducing senior executives and subject matter experts to newcomers; providing hands-on access to equipment;  engaging participants in role-plays and collaborative problem solving; and much more.  In a blended learning environment, technology-assisted learning and support complements face-to-face training, ensuring that learners benefit from the best of both worlds.



Classroom-based Seminars       Hands-on Software Training          A Workgroup Approach                 Field Procedures Training

                                                                                                                            to Learning


Video-based Training

SHOW me – don’t tell me!  A great way to meet this demand is to use full-motion digital video to create stand-alone training programs or to demonstrate procedures within a multimedia training format. In the mobile world, “mini” video tutorials provide quick refreshers lasting no more than a minute or two.



Helicopter Wire Strike                    On-Demand Mentoring           Safety Training for Kids               Safety Training for Adults


Performance Support

Performance support tools excel at providing information and guidance when it comes time to carry out a task.  Handbooks, pocket-tips cards, checklists, process charts and other support tools have been around for a long time – usually in hardcopy form.  Today, the delivery medium is more likely to be a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device such as a Smartphone or tablet.



   Standard Operating                  Procedural Flowcharts                     Safety Handbook                Workplace Refresher Training