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Is Web 3.0 just around the corner?

By Ken Desson

There is a lot of continuing buzz about “Web 2.0”, the interactive, networked, multi-dimensional version of the Web that has long since replaced the static "online brochure" approach of the Web 1.0 era. Marvelous new Web 2.0 capabilities that change the way we conduct our lives emerge almost daily. These are exciting times!

However, it is worth remembering that an even more advanced version of the Web first envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee (AKA Sir Tim or TimBL) at the very outset of the Web era is rapidly taking shape. This is the so-called Semantic Web, or Web 3.0, in which much more detailed and systematic metadata attached to objects of all kinds on the Web will make it possible for "software agents" to search for, collate, synthesize and cross-reference information on any topic we choose.

The kinds of semantic properties that will one day apply to most or all online objects are already being applied within learning object repositories, so we're not talking about the distant future.

As powerful and promising as Sir Tim’s vision may be, it comes with an Achilles’ Heel. Making the semantic Web a reality requires all of us to tag the objects we post to the Web in a detailed, systematic way. Given what we know about human nature, is that going to happen? Institutions may invest the time and money required, but most of us simply aren't going to make the effort. In the absence of automated tools that will do metatagging for us, there will be lots of data to mine, but it will still represent only a fraction of the total volume of information floating in cyberspace.